Top 9 Reasons to Have Small Puppies for Pets

Most kids dream of someday owning a puppy. Small puppies are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet. They are cuddly, cute, playful, lovable and just a lot of fun to have around the house. For young families, considering adopting or buying a dog can be a very fulfilling decision. Here are the top 4 reasons that small puppies are a great addition to your family.

Adopting a Small Puppy – Reason #1

Responsibility. Right, Mom and Dad? You want opportunities to teach your kids about responsibility, right? We’ve all heard this one before. Kids roll their eyes about it, but the reason the dog works so well for this is because the kids are absolutely in love with this creature, and they actually WANT to take care of it. When you can teach your kids healthy love and support for a creature they genuinely are interested in helping and caring for, this can be a big shift and lightbulb on in their little minds in terms of responsibility and why they should care about things outside of themselves.

Small Puppy Adoption – Reason #2

Puppies need us. Yes, there are a shortage of homes for these beautiful animals. Way too many puppies are living in shelters, pet stores, adoption centers, rescues, foster homes and even worst environments than any of these. By adopting a dog, you’re rescuing a dog. Puppies deserve homes and love just like people. Do the right thing, and adopt a puppy today.

Adopting a Dog – Reason #3

They’ll bring happiness, joy, laughter and fun into your home. They are a non stop source of pure entertainment and bliss. They will absolutely make you laugh, and inspire you to stop taking life so seriously. They’ll help you find your own playful side within you again, and help extract all of the inner happiness and joy that you’ve locked away. Let a puppy stir your heart again and be happy in the same way that they are just naturally happy and joyful in their lives.

Dog Adoption – Reason #4

Campanionship. Friendship. Sometimes it can be really lonely in this world. Having an animal companion can be incredibly therapeutic, and helpful in times of loneliness. When you feel like humans are failing you, and your feeling down or depressed, a canine campanion can be huge in lifting your spirit and heart, and helping you to not feel so alone. From a buddy to walk with, to a warm fuzzy body to cuddle with, dogs love to be close, and they love to be there for you consistently.

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